A Tale of Swords and Souls and ‘Sassins

Raphael WISHES he were this inordinately fancy.

So now, as I’m sure the whole world knows, Ezio Auditore da Firenze of Assassin’s Creed fame is an official guest character in the upcoming fight game Soul Calibur V. As a big fan of the SC franchise and the AC franchise, I am feeling molto bene about the news. Previously, my favorite character was the dashing Frenchman-turned-foppish-vampire Raphael Sorel, but now I thirst to pit these Mediterranean marauders against each other in a rumble of the Romance languages. Ezio’s skill with the sword, hidden blade and crossbow combo makes for one lethally intriguing character and I honestly can’t wait until the game comes out; it may actually be the first Soul Calibur I purchase for myself instead of just bumming off of friends and playing in my alma mater‘s game lab. I’ll miss Taki (since she’s the only one of my favorite characters who’s been excluded from the game), but hopefully her protégée Natsu will fill the gaps with heightened ninja skills (she’s still not as sexy, though =(…  ).

Anyway, here’s the video for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. My friend Kat was nearly crying with longing when she saw the Italian Stallion appear on screen with his brilliant skills.

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