You are now imagining Uchiha Sasuke in the cape and cowl.

Watching the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Night of the Ninja”, wherein a bit of Bruce’s past studying the martial arts in Japan is revealed through flashbacks, I’m reminded of an idea I had for a series. TV has such a hard-on for Batman (as is only right, really)  and has been pushing Batman cartoons one after another. Sometimes, given the excellent source material, they turn out at least decent (60s Batman, BTAS, Batman Beyond, The Brave and the Bold, Justice League/Unlimited, Young Justice) but other times, they’re awful (like The Batman and the upcoming CG atrocity, Beware the Batman – you heard it here first) but, a while back, when I caught this episode in the past, I wondered if there could be a series not about how complete Batman is as a crimefighter, detective and martial artist, but rather how he came into his power – a series about young Bruce globetrotting to different locales learning each aspect of his craft.

It would be a mix of stand-alone adventures and an overarching story, with multiple episodes or, more likely, whole seasons taking place in a single location like London for criminology, Japan for martial arts and France for manhunting, as well as all the other places he’s schooled like Alaska and Africa.  It’d start somewhere around the time Bruce is eleven and hopefully go as long as possible. Being rich and good-looking, it might give the opportunity for some more relatable personal conflicts, though they wouldn’t be serious or lead anywhere in particular, and he could probably even invent a few aliases during his trip.It has the capacity to be really good, almost like Smallville (but better because it’d be Batman) and could help give further insight into Batman’s psyche, his formation as a man as well as establish some of his more useful personal contacts as a crimefighter. Something to consider, TV Land…

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